The Journey to Starting the #TalktoJV Podcast

April 29, 2019


The Magnolias studio has been buzzing this past couple of weeks, with filming of #TalktoJV episodes. Now with episode out over the last month, the launch is complete; however, it took months of preparation, planning and commitment to get it ready, and the entire process was a journey.


Podcasting is huge right now. People are consuming more podcasts than ever before, and there’s a ton of great content available. The market for podcasts is not yet saturated, so we knew that we had to find a way to showcase the JV brand and capabilities of the Magnolias team.


I’m no experienced podcaster, but I listen to plenty, and with some of the videos the Magnolias video team were guiding me through, I was ready to give this a go. So the preparation began in late 2018 to start putting together everything from the “concept”, to the “inspiration wall”, to the “guest lists” and get more “equipment” required to pull it off.


The Concept


The goal? To add massive value for listeners and guests alike. Our featured guests have been chosen because we know them personally and professionally, and we know that they have amazing stories, perspectives, and insights to share with our listeners. Like any podcast that is getting started, it is pertinent to start with your sphere of influence first, then over time see the organic build-out of an audience. The episodes are going to be 20 minutes (though Q thinks they will be longer), and listeners can hopefully get a dose of inspiration and information they can use in their own lives. And what’s better than connecting people through stories?


The first episode of Talk to JV is launched (April 7th) and while I was extremely nervous, it didn't turn out too bad… well, I guess that will be up to you the viewer on our first run.


The Wall of Inspiration


Each episode (If I do not forget to bring it up.. I may have in a couple of episodes) will have a feature discussion about the guest's favourite quote of all time. The quote will then go up on The Wall of Inspiration and be featured behind future episodes.


I want to make it dynamic, to change the wall as much as possible. Maybe get some memorabilia, guest swag, or unique items up there eventually.


The Guests


This was one of the hardest parts of getting things going was finding guests. There was no history, and everyone is busy. Luckily, some of the first guests were people that we work with or know closely, and somehow, we were able to convince them to come to stop by… 


The Equipment


We had pretty much everything to get started, but we still needed to get a slider and some stands to create a unique look. Q wanted to shoot every episode a little differently, so having the slider option allowed him the flexibility to set up a bit differently, and be dynamic throughout the episodes.




Slider, Tripods x4, Yeti Mic, Lapels x2, Sony A7RIII, Sony A7III, 2 Studio Lights… and that's pretty much it.


What I have Learned so Far


Don’t worry about the small details. Podcasts are a lot of work. I can’t over-research before. Be normal/authentic.

I will elaborate on each of these more as we get to episode 13–20.. stay tuned.


Where can you get the podcast?


The podcast will soon be out on all streaming platforms. For now, full episodes are released on Facebook and Youtube. Promo clips will be released on all JV social media and then additionally, some are featured on the Jared Vandermeer website.


In the beginning, feedback is key. So comment lots, and send me your thoughts whenever you can!


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The Journey to Starting the #TalktoJV Podcast

April 29, 2019

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