Creating the Audio Experience

As most marketing specialists know, audio is breaking major ground in the marketing world. Although we used to think “radio” whenever audio marketing (or voice marketing) was mentioned, it has a much wider reach in the digital age. Now, when you think “audio marketing,” you should be thinking bigger: podcasts, audiobooks, and voice search for home speaker systems and smart devices. More than ever before, people want easy access to engaging content, and audio experiences offer exactly that.

The Talk to JV Podcast

When I started the Talk to JV podcast, I knew it needed to be local, authentic, and conversational. Talk to JV is an audio experience that brings Canadians to the forefront of conversations about business, branding, marketing, content creation, and personal and professional development. I interview people who have overcome challenges and hustled hard to become experts in their specialties. Talk to JV also crosses into a visual experience; you can watch my past interviews on the JV YouTube channel.

At our studio we think everything is content, and we believe in capitalizing on opportunities to make more of it. That is why we record every episode of #TalktoJV and get it out on some of my social platforms. For full episodes check out YouTube, and shorter value packed clips check out Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.