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Value Will Always Equal Value

How I became obsessed with creative photography, social media, and it’s impact on modern brands.

Creative Photography

Social Media Platforms I Love

Social media is one of the biggest assets a modern brand can have. I create and correct on many of them as both a student of marketing and as a practitioner of content creation.

Sharing Tools as a Canadian Content Creator

If there’s one thing that defines me above all else, it’s being a Canadian content maker and YouTuber. In the past few years, I’ve poured all my effort into expanding JV content into all the formats technology has made possible. We’re standing on the brink of an amazing time in the digital world, a time when anything is possible. For me, exploring this new landscape is what energizes me to expand further and help other people do the same.

When it comes to creating content for Canadians, I focus on giving people the tools and skills they need to advance in whatever it is they’re passionate about. That might be finding a job, starting a side hustle, founding a marketing agency, or marketing their business nationally and internationally. This is the beauty of the digital world; if there’s something you need to do, you can find a way to get it done and the people to tell you how.

Canadian Creative Photographer

I love making creative content and art. I have channeled my passion into making BTS creative photography reels on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. I specialize in perspective photography using professional and mobile devices that make brands stand out in the modern digital environment.

My goal is to make content that gives you ideas and inspiration to make your own. I usually create by myself, not with an entire team. I do this to show you that it can be done, that creative content is accessible to all. Build your brand, one piece of content at a time!

Marketing Tips for Businesses

As an agency owner, I help clients grow their business on a daily basis, but as a content creator, I take that goal a step further by sharing my knowledge and experience with brands on a larger scale. That’s one reason I’ve built up all these incredible content locations: marketing tip videos, the Talk to JV podcast, and keynotes delivered at marketing events in Canada.

It still wasn’t enough, and I’m sure some of you can relate. There’s always something greater on the horizon, and for me, that was writing my first book, If You Sell, You Lose. This brings together all of my experience in marketing up to this point, bringing everything into an easy-to-follow format for brands and marketers to use in real-time.