Step-by-step Book on how to add value to your brand through digital marketing

If You Sell, You Lose

Most marketing books are aimed at how to draw more people in to make sales. Although the title might make you think otherwise, this is exactly what If You Sell, You Lose is designed to do. If you want to learn detailed steps that will drive brand value by adding value for customers, this is the book for you. I’ll walk you through how to create content driven by storytelling, emotions, and problem-solving, all of which lead to overall value for your brand. When you order a print or downloadable copy of If You Sell, You Lose, you’ll walk away with the next steps you need to take to take on your current marketing challenges and get more from your marketing plan.

A Marketing Book Worth Reading

If You Sell, You Lose walks you through creating value-driven marketing content for your audience, but without all the boring theory. I’ve used real-world and hypothetical brands and situations to allow you to compare your current marketing plan to the strategies in the book. The goal is to help you go back to your marketing team with confidence and a clear picture of what the next 5-10 years of marketing looks like for your business.

A Top Selling Digital Marketing Book

If You Sell, You Lose by Jared Vandermeer provides a complete overview of how to create stronger brands online and offline. JV reveals how successful brands are tapping into the evolution of digital technology, and spending less time making sales pitches and more time building sales by adding value for their audiences. If You Sell, You Lose is a must-read for marketers and brands focused on building brand equity in the new digital world.

Critics have said “IF YOU SELL, YOU LOSE” is a controversial title.

After all, we’re all in business to make sales. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re not wrong. However, we all tend to make the mistake of equating the action of selling with the result of making sales. Find out how top brands sell millions of products each year without making hard pitches in their digital marketing.

A Digital Marketing eBook That Will Change Your Perspective

For the past 10 years, marketers and businesses have focused on digital marketing strategies that offer quick sales, but no long-term gains. If You Sell, You Lose puts those strategies to rest. Using real-world examples of brands you know and recognize, JV reveals how the underlying principle of creating and offering value will transform your online presence and get results that last.

What People Are Saying

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A Different Outlook

I have seen a lot of book ads on social. This one stood out. So different, yet a fresh outlook on what everyone is doing wrong and right in digital world today.

– Yousaf S.
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Put “value” up against “selling” with the top brands examples of all time and you can see what Jared is talking about. Book talks about the long run and how shortcuts slow you down.

– Melissa S.
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Inspiring Perspective

A completely opposite perspective to most of the other books you see. Yet when combined with my personal experience in digital marketing.. it just makes sense.

– Taylor G.
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Time to Get to Work

Looking at our digital content map and our resources.. We have work to do. Book offers a great guide to plan out the process.

– John S.

Why aren’t your social media posts getting engagement? How can you grow a following organically? What do you need to do next to become a household name brand?

Business owners have asked, and here are the straight, down-to- earth answers. If you’re new to marketing, this book will teach you where to start and how to build up online value for your brand. If you’ve been marketing for a while and you’re not getting results, you’ll learn how to rewire your strategy to amplify your outcomes.

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