Digital Content Creator in Edmonton

My name is Jared VanderMeer and I am a digital content creator and YouTuber that grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. I love Edmonton and everything it has to offer creators and businesses. From our downtown, Whyte Ave, river valley, to our hardworking fellow Edmontonian’s, there are so many opportunities to find great content.

Creative Photography

One of my strongest passions is to imagine an idea and then to go and create it with whatever equipment is available to us.

Video Creator

Video is the future. Short form video content provides more value faster to audiences. Both myself and brands will need to keep fighting to keep up.

Why I Became a Content Creator

The world is changing. Attention has become one of the most important currencies. When I was younger I was fascinated by art. I would paint and draw and flex my creative muscles as much as possible. Creating video and photo content has allowed me to make this fascination my day-today reality. And I cannot be happier.

My job is to help you and your brand realize your passions. To portray the right message to the right audience with content that stands out. Let’s work together and brainstorms some fun ideas, then create them together to work for your brand.

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