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Guinness: How a Brand Became a Household Name with One Genius Campaign

How do you settle an argument in a pub? Well, you grab the Guinness World Records book and hash it out cheerfully over a pint of dark, swirling Guinness. At least, that was the idea behind the campaign that launched one of the most popular and well-known reference books in history.


3 Reasons the De Beers “A Diamond is Forever” Campaign Changed the World

De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. now had full control over the diamond market, they had to figure out how to sell more of them to more people. And sell they did!


Shooting B-Roll in All-White Winter Conditions

Winter in Canada gives videographers the opportunity to capture beautiful and fascinating shots. There’s something magical about walking through a fresh snowfall with your camera in hand and the light sparkling off perfect sheets of white.


Top 12 Tips for Growing Your Tourism Business Online

Growing a tourism business online is no easy feat. There’s a lot of competition online, which is why your digital strategy has to be on point. How do you entice people to a physical location using only digital tools?


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The Audience Decides What Value Really is — NY Edition

There’s one thing digital marketers often forget, and it’s that people know what they want. Audiences are leading the way in our digital content. What’s valuable to them changes fast, and it’s our job to get out there and find out what they find valuable right now and create it before another brand does.
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Every Follower You Have Deserves Your FULL Attention

Over the last few years, I’ve experimented with virtually every platform out there: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest… the list goes on and on. The team and I have been posting, creating native content, measuring metrics, and creating and correcting to see what works for clients and ourselves.
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