Digital Marketing Motivation: Capture & Capitalize on Content Every Day

March 10, 2019


We all fall behind on creating content. It’s easy to forget it, overlook it, or just give up because there’s not enough time.


Every time we fail to take the opportunity we have to create content, we’re missing out on a touchpoint with our audiences. That single touchpoint could be the last one in the touchpoint cycle that was needed to make them a lifelong customer. A risk we take when we give up on creating content as much as we can.


It’s up to you to create the content our audiences are looking for. We have to find ways to make content take less time. That means capitalizing on the opportunities we have each and every day.


Easier said than done, right?


Not necessarily…


Content is everywhere around us. It can be found in a meeting with someone new, a visit to a new or unusual place, a particularly good cup of coffee or lunch, or wherever our day takes us. It’s easy to think that you need to plan out your content and to get trapped in feeling like content has to be a long and arduous process. It doesn’t! All it takes is moving from idea to execution to market and all as fast as possible, so we can get even more touchpoints out there.


Stop falling behind on your content. Find ways to make content each day. Take out your phone and capture a 4k moment on video. Snap a picture of something you’re doing or someone you’re with. Write down an idea and send it out as a social post or save it for later when you can write a short blog post.


Most of all create value for your audience.


Start capturing your business in real time, and your audience will instantly take notice and react. Your content will push your brand out further and faster. Don’t miss getting your brand out there right now.


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