2019 is the Year of the Share

March 10, 2019


Is your content sharable? If it’s not, it’s time to change up your content strategy.


Many brands focus entirely on how many page likes and post likes they get. Because of this, they forget that the best way to extend the brand’s reach and draw more people into the brand is through shares (except on instagram, where likes can extend your reach). This is how brands are able to create more organic traffic online, and get touchpoints outside of their current audience, and it’s one of the most important metrics to track on your social media platforms.


That’s why we are declaring 2019 the “Year of the Share.” If you can deliver so much value to your audiences that they start sharing it with their own network, your brand will go further than it ever has before. Here’s why:


Valuable Content Travels Further


Why do people share posts on their social media? Why do you share posts on your social media?

The simplest answer is that you share content when you find it valuable (or when you think others will find it valuable).


Content is most valuable when it impacts people in a positive or useful way. That might include content that:


- Makes you feel something, like a sense of belonging, nostalgia, etc.

- Shows you another perspective or way of thinking

- Makes you laugh or entertains you

- Shares knowledge you can use (or knowledge that you just find fascinating)

- Makes you want to do something (take an action) or believe something

- Reinforces your sense of self or inspires you in some way


The best way to create any and all of these types of content is to use storytelling. Storytelling helps us connect emotionally with our audience, which inspires action. And, at the end of the day, sharing content on a social platform is an important action we need our audiences to take.


Authenticity Creates Action


Social media is not often thought of as a place where people are their authentic selves. Maybe that’s why people crave authenticity on social media more and more.


Businesses that can deliver on authenticity are more interesting, more engaging, and typically, more sharable. Most people only share content from sources that they trust. So, in order to gain that trust, it’s important for businesses to let an audience know that there are real people behind the brand that they can connect with and rely on.


Remember — being authentic to your brand doesn’t mean you have to “loosen up,” or “let it all show.” Instead, it means remaining true to your core values through your messaging and photos. If your brand is quirky, let that shine through. If you’re a serious firm that wants clients to know that nothing slips by unnoticed, allow that to translate into the style of your posts. No matter what your brand image is, just keep it consistent and value-based.


How to Create Sharable Content


It’s actually very easy to make producing content a consistent activity. You can do this by capitalizing on the things you’re already doing for your business. There’s always an opportunity to create content that people will connect with, even if it’s simply recording your day-to-day wins and challenges. Make it part of your daily process to think: would someone else find this information, situation, or thought valuable?


Finally, stop selling products and services and go back to the first point above: Valuable content travels further. Constant sales pitches don’t add value for your audience unless they’re shopping for something right at that exact moment. Instead, balance your pitches with content that simply aims to add something positive or useful to the lives of the people viewing it. This will help capture an audience that will actively follow and share your posts. Once you’ve captured that audience, you’ll have plenty of time to deliver well-timed sales pitches.


Did you find this post valuable? If you did, please share it! You can also get in touch with us to discuss any questions you have about making sharable content! DM me on any platform.


Originally posted on Medium: https://medium.com/@jaredvandermeer/2019-is-the-year-of-the-share-bb138e2e1006


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