How to Shoot a Super Bowl Ad in 24 Hours

February 2, 2019


This month has been an exciting one for the Magnolias team and I. We’ve been busy blogging, posting, shooting, and designing — all the usual activities for a hard-working marketing team. But there’s one project this month that has us waiting on the edge of our seats for the 2019 Super Bowl this Sunday. One of those much-anticipated Super Bowl commercial spots was created by our team!


What makes it more special to us, is that we put it together in a 24 hour period. The CBH wasn’t planning on a Super Bowl commercial; they were contacted after a spot opened up unexpectedly. Of course, this made it a time sensitive production. We needed to put together two 15-second commercials in just two days. The CBH asked if we could do it. We thought about it for about 2 seconds and said… Hell yeah we can!


The news came late on a Friday, with the tight deadline. We to submit a complete commercial on Monday. That meant we had a single weekend to plan, shoot, and edit. With a Saturday that was already packed with other work, it would mean fitting it the commercials into a window of about 24 hours.


So, on Saturday afternoon we went straight into planning mode the moment we had some spare time. Omid, and our project manager, Yousaf were ready to knock it out of the park. We also had some help from Matt on the CBH team. We decided on some of the shots we’d need to capture, knowing there would be no time for additional shooting or retakes. We didn’t want to weigh down the process with a bulky script, so we decided to bring in a few actors to create a visual storyline that was sleek and fun.


Starting at 7AM on Sunday, we shot everything we needed. As soon as we got back to the office, it was straight to editing. We worked through the night. Finally, at around 3AM, we had 4 videos ready to pitch to The Canadian Brewhouse team. They were ecstatic that it had come together so well in such a short time period.


It was tough, but it was rewarding, and this weekend, we get to see that hard work pay off in real-time. So, while you’re at home enjoying the Super Bowl this Sunday watching on a Canadian feed, be sure to keep an eye out for the two spots and let us know what you think. Or better yet, why don’t you head to your nearby Canadian Brewhouse and celebrate with a pile of wings and a few good beers?


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How to Shoot a Super Bowl Ad in 24 Hours


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