What is Digital Artistry?

January 29, 2019

The Digital Artistry Revolution

What makes a brand unshakable?


Three years ago, brand unity was what made businesses stand out in the digital world. At that time, brand unity across multiple channels was difficult to achieve. Now that we’ve developed new tools and had time for experimentation, brand unity is no longer the golden standard of excellence. Now, it’s simply an expectation. Just like a full digital presence, brand unity is something we must achieve simply to receive an admission ticket into the true competition.


The digital era is quickly moving past its infancy stages. In order for brands to compete, we need to pivot quickly to embrace digital content that surpasses conventional marketing techniques. The only way to build an unshakable brand in this new stage of the digital era is through digital artistry.


What is Digital Artistry?


We’re all familiar with what physical art is capable of achieving. True art captures experiences, creates deep emotions, and connects us on a transcendent level.

Every culture in the world is connected to art. There are few values we hold in common as a species, but art is among those powerful few. As a result, art can create communities that spread all over the globe. In the digital era, this is even truer.


Digital artistry is the process of taking physical art and transforming it in our ever-changing digital world. Physical art has always been able to capture the emotions of the beholder. So, creating powerful content for your brand does the same thing.

The Three Pillars of Digital Artistry


Digital artistry is built on three pillars:

- Written content

- Graphics

- Video


These three pillars are currently used in digital marketing, but only some brands are transforming these mediums to build their audience. Traditional art techniques for these three pillars can be transferred to the digital world, and from there, transformed into something altogether new. A true way to make you stand out.




Written content can be transformed into art through story-weaving and poetry. Content is often overlooked as a form of expressing emotions and stories. We write down our thoughts and ideas, but we shy away from words that represent deeper feelings or emotions. This is unfortunate, because creating feelings through writing is what helps us connect with other people.




We’ve talked about graphics in terms of branding and brand unity, but graphics are another form of digital storytelling. In the recent past, digital design has helped us to protect, revive, and preserve art traditional forms like paintings and photographs. Now, we are building on traditional methods to create new experiences and expression through digital design. We’re able to craft images that stand out and capture the essence of a brand and a story. Photographs are no longer static images. We are now able to capture immense detail, motion, and feelings in a single photo.




Video is the most powerful form of expression because it’s so immersive. It provides an experience that naturally engages most of the senses, and, when transformed into art, can engage all the senses. The motion of videos captures change, emotion, and, perhaps most importantly, time. We can create video storyboards that connect with other moving art forms such as dancing, plays, and sports. Video is the only medium that captures all human emotions in art form.


Your Brand Deserves Digital Artistry — Here’s Why

Just like art, digital artistry is achieved through dedication, introspection, exploration, and most of all, hard work. However, the results of these efforts can take your brand from strong to unshakable. There is an incredibly powerful trickle-down effect from using art to brand your business. It can bring you new ideas, new connections and communities, and most importantly, longevity and steady growth in your business.


Digital Artistry is so powerful. You deserve an unshakable brand, and that’s why your brand deserves digital artistry.


Stay tuned as we expand on this concept in the coming blogs.


Originally posted as a blog on Medium: https://medium.com/@jaredvandermeer/what-is-digital-artistry-97093ae104a3


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