Making Good Digital Content is Hard

December 5, 2018


Marketing Movie - Making Good Digital Content is Hard


I find it amazing on how fast people learned how to skip over content online. We live in a world where fake news and information surrounds us. Now businesses are left with figuring out how to market through all the noise. 


Unfortunately, businesses and marketers have always been a couple steps behind their audiences. It’s up to us as marketers to bridge the gap between what the customers are looking for, and how we are presenting content to them. 


For the longest time a static meme or a 5 second video would immediately go viral, but the platforms, algorithms, and tastes change. What was true 6 months ago on digital is no longer true. 


Digital content has to be an extension of physical art itself. It’s digital artistry. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to build a strategy on the foundation of powerful creative.


How can you create powerful content that captures your audiences attention? Written copy, graphics and video are 3 pillars of digital content. And like artists with brushes before us, we have to use this toolbox to create content that inspires the audience.


It all comes down to creating value. As a rule of thumb content that gives value to an audience in turn provides value to a brand. No value equals no value. And that is not something that is going to change.


Provide value, engage emotion, tell a story and solves peoples problems. All of that put together keeps your brand at the top of your audiences mind and at the end of the day that’s what we are all searching for.


It takes time to lay each brick down and create your digital foundation. It takes work, good old fashion hard work to build a brand online. 


Anything else is just not going to cut it. 




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