Update to Linkedin Company Pages is Coming!

November 18, 2018


Linkedin has unveiled a newer, more refined, LinkedIn Company Page design, that is designed to help companies market to their audience, monitor and respond to relevant online conversations and engage their employees to create organic growth.


The new changes are being launched in the US and then throughout the world in the coming weeks. Currently, in Canada, the backend of your admin view has already seen a couple of changes. The company tagline and call-to-action button can already be setup. Enhanced attention to animated logos is also starting to pick up (.Gif logos have been available for awhile but are finally starting to get utilized by some brands).



Based on further information released by Linkedin this week, this redesign is going to provide significantly more power to your businesses Linkedin presence.


In a blog post, LinkedIn Pages product lead Sparsh Agarwal said that more than 2 million posts, videos and articles are generated by the professional network’s 590 million-plus members feed on a daily basis, the new pages experience is designed to “help organizations authentically connect with members, grow their business and build lasting connections.”




Page administrators, will soon be able to share documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and PDFs on a company’s LinkedIn page. This will help to position the pages as unique among the other pages and platforms online, and offer companies a new way to share informations.


Admin will also be able to link their company page to specific hashtags and respond to online conversations about their brand or trends.




Posting updates and comments on the go from the LinkedIn iOS and Android applications will be the biggest success of this update. LinkedIn community managers, or admins, can now post updates and respond to comments directly!


Gone are the days on having to use your desktop to post, share and comment on company updates. For many marketers this was seen as the #1 issue with maintaining a corporate Linkedin presence.




This release comes with another unique feature. A new "content suggestions" feature, which will aim to show what topics, trends and content could be shared to your pages target audience. While in theory this seems like a great idea, some marketers will debate if this will be of benefit. If utilized, it could take away from the companies proprietary content, and divert attention from your brand to outside content. On the other hand, using the feature to get recommended employee and audience posts to share and respond too could be the this new tools greatest asset.




An increase use of pages, new sharing features, the mobile app integration, suggested content and enhanced audience / employee engagement is going to help your pages audience grow.


Having the left hand tab navigation similar as on Facebook Pages is also going to enhance the feel and usability for onlookers. From first glance, posted Jobs will be featured as a tab, which will help companies to promote their posting within the page, in comparison to the current off page approach.




New partnerships with Crunchbase and Hootsuite will also be welcomed by marketers. It will enable companies to feature Crunchbase insights directly on their LinkedIn page, as well as receive notifications of any activities on their page.




“Our new Pages experience is built to foster active communities and conversations on LinkedIn with a company’s employees, customers and followers,” said Sparsh Agarwal.


“Pages have been rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier for brands, institutions and organizations — from small businesses to large enterprises — to foster constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s community".


Once again, according to the company, LinkedIn Pages are currently being rolled out in the U.S. and are expected to be available worldwide in the coming weeks.




Here is a look at the LinkedIn video produced for what the new pages will look like.




Overall, this update is a massive improvement to the company pages we have been working with. And I for one, am waiting intently for a rollout.


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